Indie Recommendation: Looking for a fun urban fantasy series? Check out Reapers Inc by Angela Roquet

I have read this book a handful of times and always find myself gravitating toward it when I want something light and entertaining. The Reapers Inc series definitely fits that bill.

You may think that all the work and bull**** you have to deal with during life is over when you die… but the Afterlife is just as bustling of a business. Lana Harvey is a low risk and low ambition reaper, one of less than 100 that escort the dead to the Afterlife in order to free up Grim for administrative responsibilities… because running Eternity is a tough business.

Unfortunately the peace in place for hundreds of years is at risk due to the ambition of others, and to everyone’s chagrin Lana is promoted in charge of solving the problems. But not without a lot of adventure, griping, and demon guts.
I love the world that Roquet built in this series. LOVE. Her imagining of the Afterlife is one that satiates my curiosity in such a satisfactory way, and the issues Eternity faces serve as an important allegory are timeless: power, ambition, secrets.

There are seven titles in the Reapers Inc series, which wrapped up in the fall of 2016. Often times I find that authors drag on the story to keep a good thing going, and it seems rare that authors have a decided story arc. I was just as engaged with the series in Hellfire and Brimstone as I was with Graveyard Shift. Each installment of the series delves deeper into the characters, their relationships, and the impending war in Eternity.
Self published titles often get a bad rap, but this series (despite a few typos) is really a diamond in the rough. I cannot recommend it more… if you like urban fantasy, religious themes, humorous characters, and a strong AF female lead you will love this book and series. The best is that the first book in the series is always free in the Kindle store, so you can give the series a try!

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