We’re going on an adventure! (Mini-Hiatus Announcement)

Under Construction

That’s right, Reader Voracious Blog is making the move to self-hosted WordPress! 🎉

One year ago I took the plunge and bought a domain for my little corner of the internet, and it was a fantastic learning opportunity for me. I’ve been planning on making this move for months, and as my hosting with WordPress.com is running out now is the perfect time!

Wait, why can’t I comment?!

All of my pages, posts, and comments have been migrated over to the new website that I am currently building. After that was taken care of, I made the decision to turn comments off on my blog until the move is complete so I do not lose any of your messages in the move. The comments from the past couple of days that I hadn’t replied to yet will be responded to once my move is complete.

I’ve also put a pause on my posting calendar so that new posts will not be made until after I launch my self-hosted website.

You don’t need to do anything but wait a bit!

If you are already a follower of Reader Voracious, you shouldn’t have to do anything to stay subscribed because I will be moving everything over via JetPack!

I am really excited for you all to not only see the refreshed look of the website but also a couple of really fun features that I am adding! Here’s a hint: it all ties in with the theme of my tagline: adventures in books & nature.

Patreon Exclusive Sneak Peak

If you simply cannot wait and want to see sneak peaks of the site in development, the new site logo, and offer your suggestions & feedback – I am working on a Patreon exclusive post that will be available either later today or tomorrow for all of my Patrons ($1 or higher). You can check out my Patreon here. No pressure at all, but my current Patrons asked for the sneak peak, and who am I to deny them?!

Don your adventurer caps, friends, and see you all soon!


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