We’re going on an adventure! (Mini-Hiatus Announcement)

That's right, Reader Voracious Blog is making the move to self-hosted WordPress! 🎉 One year ago I took the plunge and bought a domain for my little corner of the internet, and it was a fantastic learning opportunity for me. I've been planning on making this move for months, and as my hosting with WordPress.com … Continue reading We’re going on an adventure! (Mini-Hiatus Announcement)

The Bookish Adventure Tag

Friends, I like going on adventures a lot. Whether it's traveling to another country or curling up with my favorite fantasy book, I love experiencing new things. Which is why I am such a fan of stories that involve an epic adventure, and precisely when I love this tag so much that I had to ignore the hoard to do it. *whispers* Soon Thank you so much Siobhan @ Siobhan's Novelties for tagging me (only two weeks ago! are you proud of me for not hoarding it with all the others?!) because this is the best tag for me. After you are done reading this post, be sure to check out Siobhan's blog because she's lovely and you need her content in your life.

Storytime: The Time(s) I Tried to Turn into a Mermaid Growing Up

It's time for another Storytime with Kal, where I share true stories about my life that usually involves being chased by birds. This time we are straying away from tales of my bird fear to talk about the multiple times that I tried to turn into a mermaid as a child. If there is one thing that you should know about me, it is that I have always been obsessed with mermaids, mermaid lore, and the sea. Perhaps it was growing up near the beach in San Diego or the fact that I saw The Little Mermaid in theatres when I was five and then proceeded to destroy not one but two VHS copies over the subsequent years of my childhood. Who knows where it began, but I know for a fact that my passion went to the next level after seeing the movie Splash.

Stranger Than Fiction: Sophia the Robot & AI Technology

Stranger than Fiction is a feature here on the blog that looks at recent news stories and technological advances that honestly sounds straight out of science fiction. From the ethics of gene editing in utero to the possible Cylon takeover, this monthly series will dive deep into the many reasons that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.
Friends, welcome to my first Stranger Than Fiction post! I've been compiling news articles and stories for several months now and finally have the energy to launch my new baby into the world. One of the reasons that I love science fiction is that it is a genre not only of possibility but also of cautionary tale; it is a genre that looks forward to humanity's potential end and addresses the ways we can avoid that fate. (This is a topic of particular academic interest to me and was the focus of one of my honors theses.) This month I'm talking about how the theme of AI Takeover goes back almost 100 years, the explosion of AI technology in the last 20 years, and how much Sophia the Robot creeps me out. This post originally was about a recent academic article on AI learning improvements, but let's I wandered a bit while writing... so I'll talk about that next month.