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I enjoy reading diversely and helping other readers find books that represent them. I recently went through all of my reviews to clean up my tags and more clearly identify representation so that readers can easily search the tags below if looking for books with specific representation. Clicking on the keyword will bring up all of my reviews and recommendation posts that fall into that category. This is a living list and new tags will continue to be added as I continue to read more diversely and come across more positive representation.

All Diversity Tags

anxiety rep, autism repbiracial repbisexual repblack rep, consent, diverse characters, fat rep, f/f romancefilipino rep, genderfluid rep, indian rep, iranian repjapanese rep, jewish replatinx rep, LGBTQIAP+ rep, m/m romance, native american rep, navajo rep, nonbinary reppagan rep, polyamorous rep, strong female characters, trans rep,

Sexuality & Identity Representation
(LGBTQIAP+ is the umbrella tag used for representation in this category; for specific sexuality and identity representation I have included sub-tags on reviews as well.)

bisexual rep, f/f romance, genderfluid rep, LGBTQIAP+ rep, m/m romance, nonbinary rep, polyamorous rep, trans rep,

Racial Representation
(main/side characters; for books that have a diverse cast of characters that mirrors the world, please use the diverse characters tag)

biracial rep, black rep, filipino repindian rep, iranian repjapanese rep, jewish replatinx rep, native american rep, navajo rep,

Mental Health Representation

anxiety rep,

Neurodiversity Representation

autism rep,

Miscellaneous Representation

consent, fat rep, pagan rep,

The greatest thing about reading is that you are able to travel and experience the world from your favorite reading spot, and reading diversely not only ensures that more diverse books are published but also breeds empathy and respect for people different from you.

If you are part of an underrepresented minority, diversity in media is even more important. For too long the publishing industry has catered to and published the voices of dominant culture (white, cisnormative, able-bodied). It is long overdue that new voices and experiences are being represented, and I will continue to lend my voice to boost these reads.

Everyone deserves to see themselves represented. For more information on why representation matters, visit this post.


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