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Books are amazing: they bring you to far off or imaginary worlds and share new perspectives than your own. And sometimes, a book is so special that it brings together people in a new way. Fandoms and friendships form, and in the case of This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada it created a buddy reading experience so fantastical that a squad was formed.

This Mortal Squad

I don’t think any of us expected to love This Mortal Coil as much as we did or to fall so hard for a ship (especially me, the reader with a heart of stone). But fall we did and the experience was so much fun that we decided to do at least monthly group reads together and we chose a name to honor our start, because we are hella extra. This one buddy read solidified two new friendships for me and I am forever grateful.

I just wanted to be that extra book blogger that has a page dedicated to my newfound squad, how much reading enhances my life, and write down how it all started so that I don’t forget. Thanks for indulging me.

As a note: I know that a lot of my buddy reads tend to be with the squad or Destiny, but I love buddy reading books and am always open to reading with new friends! I am currently working on adding everything to my Owned TBR shelf on Goodreads, but if you see anything in common please hit me up. I would love the opportunity to read with you!

And in case you had ANY DOUBT about the quality levels of our discussions…


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